The Peacock Effect;

The Peacock Effect; "Dressing to attract attention"

June 24, 2017 20717 Comments


The Peacock Effect

Peacocking is about attraction attention. Once you have gained attention your chances of being memorable increases drastically. However, the term “Peacocking” is mostly associated with dressing in a peculiar way, to attract attention, in order to more easily seduce women. Peacocking today is a bit different. Read our post below on why we think you should adapt this technique.

The origin of the word is unclear but some say that the word was made popular by a pickup-artist named Erik von Markovik. His successful pickup strategy gained himself his own show on VH1 called “the pickup artist” in 2007. The technique is similar to the peacock’s attempt to attracting a mate by showing off its vibrant colorful feathers. Therefor the name “peacocking”.


Erik von Markovik 

Erik von Markovik in an eyecatching (to say the least) hat.


Whatever you decide to wear, in order to attract attention, it is important to be confident about your outfit and try wearing something that mirrors who you are. Otherwise the effect could result in the opposite and people will just perceive you as someone with a weird taste in fashion. Wearing something “out of the ordinary”, If you do it the right way, signals that you are not afraid of sticking out of the crowd. It becomes a sign of confidence which is a highly attractive characteristic.

We prefer using a scaled down version of peacocking. We recommend you wearing interesting and eye-catching clothes and accessories but nothing that is too outside of the norm. The good thing about today’s “casually dressed” society is that you don’t have to dress up in ridiculous clothes to stick out nowadays. You can simply put on a Made To Measured suit with a nice pair of brogues. Our friends at Blugiallo provides a fantastic service where you can order MTM suites and shirts through a digital platform. A “21st Century tailoring” at its best, we would say. Visit their store by clicking here.


Lots of celebrities do “peacocking” which have resulted in them becoming style icons. See a selection below of the ones who have succeeded the best.


Johnny Depp

Actor Johnny depp wears tinted glasses on a regular. He has although explained in several interviews his reason to wearing these “eye-cathing”, no pun intended, glasses due to his bad eyesight. Bad eyesight or not, he has started a trend of wearing tinted glasses and we must say that he does pull off the look.


 Pharrell Williams

Producer and artist Pharrell Williams do take peacocking a bit further and wears a Vivienne westwood buffalo hat, from time to time. Even though Pharrell has been a successful artist and producer for a long time, his career has skyrocketed the last couple of years with hits like “blurred Lines” and now recently “feels ft. Katy Perry”. Thanks to his peacocking? We don’t know. However, it has certainly helped him becoming more memorable.


Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld, fashion designer, has become a style icon with his high-collared white shirts, sunglasses and leather gloves. Lagerfeld does peacocking to the fullest which has resulted him being one of the most memorable fashion designers of the century.


Justin TruedeauTom Hiddleston

These two gentlemen, Justin Trudeau – prime minister of Canada and Tom Hiddleston – actor, do really stick out of the crowd with their incredibly well-fitted suits. This is the kind of peacocking we like. Their style of fashion attracts a lot of attention and have resulted in being ranked 5th (Hiddleston) and 14th (Trudeau) best-dressed men in the world 2017 in GQ magazine. You know what they say, “dressing well, never goes out of fashion”.


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